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Mura CMS Extended Attributes in a "Pivot" Table Using MySQL

November 30, 2013 · By Spills · No Comments

A "cookbook" entry on how to get all of your extended attributes in Mura CMS into a pivot table using MySQL and Railo.


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Quick Tip for Server 2008 DNS Management

September 24, 2011 · By Spills · 2 Comments

I recently had to setup a boatload of hosted Google Adsense domains with Server 2008 DNS Management Console and was not enjoying the repetitive nature of the task. I needed to find a way to "template" the DNS entries and then just update the domain name since all of the other information was identical.

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Mango Blog with IIS 7.5 and Railo

September 08, 2011 · By Spills · 2 Comments

How to set up Mango Blog on Railo and IIS 7 with the URL Rewrite 2.o add on.

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